We generate social impact


We generate innovative solutions to outline new scenarios for a sustainable future through design.
We listen to the needs expressed by people and communities to design new services, products, spaces, and experiences that positively impact the ecosystem.

Our work

San Vittore - Strategy

San Vittore, space for beauty

We redesign spaces and functions to create a positive environment and improve the daily life of inmates and officers

Adriano Community Days

Adriano Community Days

The popular Festival of the Adriano neighbourhood in Milan: inclusive practices of urban regeneration and community creation.

Future Care Homes

Future Care Homes

It is time to address the issue of global ageing and to design the healthcare residence of the future with innovative services.

Future Days Adriano

Future Days for Adriano

We plan the future by talking about care and culture: a new governance model for the Adriano Community Center

Smart Textile Daily Routine

Smart Textiles as a Daily Routine

The Fashion Tech revolution: designing the latest generation smart fabrics to innovate care practices

Adriano Community Center - Strategy

Adriano Community Center

An innovative model of integration between a nursing home and a community hub in the Adriano neighbourhood in Milan

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