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Are you ready to get on board?You will find an open, inclusive team that can't wait to meet you.Our environment is based on trust and collaboration, where you will face complex and ambitious challenges and projects.Where we enhance everyone's talents by creating synergies and exchanges within a multidisciplinary team.

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We have activated an onboarding program.
You will be accompanied in a gradual process that will allow you to fully integrate into the team and enhance your skills.

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Introduction to the team

In the onboarding process, we place the needs of new collaborators at the centre. You will be able to discover our internal team collaboration rituals, which facilitate autonomy, responsibility and the establishment of relationships based on trust.

Continuous circular training

Our projects are characterised by co-design and co-production activities with a continuous exchange within multidisciplinary teams.
In this way, we initiate contaminations between people by activating a continuous circular training where everyone can learn from others thanks to the transfer of knowledge and the sharing of experiences.

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People’s well-being is a cornerstone of our organisation. It doesn’t matter where you live and where you want to work; it matters who you are and what you are like.
It is essential to participate in a positive way in our internal rituals that give rhythm and alignment to projects and promote the quality of relationships between people.

Continuous improvement

We believe that people are the real value of organisations. An internal system of retrospectives based on positive and constant feedback allows you to improve over time, favouring continuous learning.

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We believe in merit and its recognition. Each individual and team contribution is valued in a transparent process, which supports the understanding of one’s work both in financial and impact terms and enables compliance with the commitments undertaken by both parties.

Business Opportunities

Every day, we are committed to creating favourable conditions that encourage sharing new design and business opportunities. If you have ideas or opportunities to develop, Shifton will provide the right environment to develop them together.

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