Adriano Community Center

Proges, Fondazione Cariplo, Lacittàintorno

Building a new model of nursing home

Area of action
Well-being and care practices

Co-design, Strategic Design, Community Building, Identity Design, Business Design

2019 – ongoing

Adriano Community Center

The project

The Adriano Community Centre wants to create a unique integration model, innovative at a national and international level, between a space dedicated to a nursing home and a community hub, a place of culture, sociality, innovation, open to exchange between generations, connected to the neighbourhood and its communities.

The challenge

How to create a new nursing home model and make the Adriano Community Centre a place of innovation open to citizens?
How to insert it in the fabric of the neighbourhood, a new point of reference for the communities of the Adriano neighbourhood and the city of Milan?

The strategy

To develop the new model, we used participatory planning, interacting with all the stakeholders involved in order to establish which functionalities to introduce in the Adriano Community Centre.
We undertook to listen to the territory and internal and external stakeholders to define an innovative model integrated into the life of the neighbourhood and the city.

Adriano Community Center - Strategy
Adriano Community Center - Strategy

The process

We started with exploratory interviews with the inhabitants of Adriano, with associations in the area and with the managers of Proges. With the Appreciative Inquiry technique, we brought out the positive aspects already present in the context from which to initiate innovation.
To understand what led to the success of other projects with a strong social impact and urban regeneration, we studied national and international cases, focusing on some keywords: social impact – sustainability – technological innovation.
In the co-design session, we worked together with the Proges team and external stakeholders to identify the fundamental functionalities of the Adriano Community Centre.
The co-design work resulted in a strategic document that defines the services to be activated and the new nursing home model.

Adriano Community Center - Process
Adriano Community Center - Process

The impact

In the new nursing home model, social welfare services – the core business of Proges – are integrated with community services for the neighbourhood and the city as a whole. Thanks to a shared and open co-planning process, we have initiated the dialogue between the Adriano Community Centre and the inhabitants and associations of the Adriano neighbourhood.
It is an exchange that continues with the organisation of Adriano Community Days: two days of celebration in the Adriano neighbourhood that accompany the activation process of the communities around the Adriano Community Centre.

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