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Tools and methods

We apply design tools to generate innovative solutions and outline new scenarios for a sustainable future. We work on different horizons: from the design of services to communication strategies, from the activation of communities to improving business processes. We imagine new strategies with which to inspire change, focusing on people’s needs and generating social impact.


Strategy, Business, Policy Design

Strategy, Business & Policy Design

Tools and methodologies focused on people’s needs to define strategies, new business and governance models.

Community Design

Community Design

Creation of online and offline communities to trigger positive relationships and quality conversations.

Identity Communication

Identity & Communication

Identity, narrative and communication for the dissemination and enhancement of a project and to increase its impact.

New service and product creation

New Service & Product Creation

Design and development of new <em>human-centred</em> services and products to meet the needs expressed by people

Digital design

Digital Design

Design of innovative digital experiences that activate exchanges and collaborative relationships between people.

Futures and Foresight

Futures & Foresight

Development of future-proof strategies, identification of preferred futures, support in the development and implementation of transformative processes.

Areas of action

We develop strategies and design services, products, initiatives and spaces to enhance differences, as well as generate positive relationships and equal opportunities.

  • Inclusive Design & Communication Strategies
  • Physical & Digital Community Building
  • Culture Transformation

We create high-tech solutions for the benefit of people and the environment, systematising the most advanced skills in the sector.

  • Business Design
  • Design Research
  • Product & Service Design
  • User Experience, Digital Interface & Prototype

We design and govern innovation processes that improve the quality of the experience of the most vulnerable people, as well as innovating care practices.

  • Design Research
  • Human-Centered Service Design & Healthcare
  • User & Patient Experience

As levers for social innovation, art and culture create community and imagine new horizons for the future.

  • Creation of online and offline communities
  • Audience Development
  • Concept design, identity and initiatives with an impact on people and the territory
  • Communication strategies

New ways of working, new people-centred work processes in businesses, Employee Experience & Engagement, Talent Acquisition and Reverse Mentoring for the exchange of skills between different generations, for example, between digital natives and seniors.

  • Strategic Design
  • Employee Experience & Engagement
  • Desk Research
  • Workplace & Workspace innovation

We provide tools and techniques to generate new ideas, give concrete form to innovative ideas and create value inside and outside organisations.

  • Innovation & creativity training
  • Discovery and Co-Creation
  • Agile Mindset
  • Digital Leadership

Our approach

Each project starts with the definition of the challenge to overcome. The research phase is fundamental, which consists of interviews, desk research and analysis of case studies.
We envision and prototype the most suitable solutions through co-design workshops, contaminating different perspectives to multiply ideas.
To understand if the solution works, we test it with the people who will benefit from the new service, space or product. We put people’s needs at the centre of the design process: we design sustainable, innovative and effective solutions together with them.

Approccio 1 - Kick Off
Approccio 2 - Ricerca
Approccio 3 - Soluzione
Approach - Kick Off
Approach - Research / Synthesis
Approach - Concept / Co-Design
Approach - Development / Look 'n' feel

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