A human-centered onboarding process

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Designing a more inclusive path to company placement

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Diversity and Inclusion; Future of work

Co-design, Strategic Design, Community Design


Inserimento inclusivo

The project

“Inclusion means allowing everyone to do everything, differently, the way they are able to do it.”

With this project we tackled the issue of inclusion and diversity starting from the needs of people with disabilities at a large consulting company, co-designing with them a more flexible and welcoming model of inclusion in the company, attentive to the needs of everyone. We worked on a model capable of enhancing and empowering talents and accompanying them on a path of not only professional but also personal growth, encouraging interaction between different people and stimulating a culture that reflects the values of inclusion and exchange.

The challenge

How can we redesign the selection, onboarding, and staffing process in the first ninety days in the company to provide new hires with a more inclusive and caring experience, starting with and being guided by the needs of people with disabilities?

The strategy

More inclusive organizations require new priorities and value structures, as well as innovative approaches and processes capable of putting the well-being and growth of their employees at the center, fostering the building of relationships based on empathy, and the emergence of new collective sensitivities. We initiated a co-design process involving employees with disabilities, human resources, and ambassadors representing different lines of business to devise and design a new selection, onboarding, and staffing experience in the first ninety days in the company.

The process

We started with one-on-one interviews with employees with disabilities, addressing the issue of diversity with those who experience it daily and directly. This phase allowed us to identify strengths and weaknesses of the path to inclusion in the company and to understand how diversity and inclusion are perceived and approached by the company and its employees in terms of the overall experience, targeted actions, and language.
In the desk research phase, we collected and studied national and international cases to understand how more inclusive business practices can foster more sustainable companies.

Inserimento inclusivo

Through an initial envisioning workshop, we designed together with employees and HR the desired change scenario and a value manifesto that could convey the expected cultural change. In the subsequent envisioning workshop, we conceived and co-designed the new selection, onboarding, and staffing experience in the first ninety days in the company, defining key steps and guidelines for its grounding/implementation.

Inserimento inclusivo
Inserimento inclusivo
Inserimento inclusivo

The impact

The new recruiting, onboarding, and staffing experience in the first ninety days allows candidates and new employees to feel accompanied and guided in an enhancement process that empowers them to express the best of themselves, facilitating the understanding of the company’s context, its procedures and policies through new touchpoints, roles, and rituals, and above all, the inclusion in a welcoming and collaborative relational context.

Inserimento inclusivo

The new process supports the company in discovering talents akin to the company’s and the team’s needs and perspectives, offering a fluid, inclusive and positive experience, capable of orienting newcomers and supporting them in their journey of growth and building their independence through a process of empowerment of the different actors involved.

Inserimento inclusivo

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