Future Care Homes


Innovating nursing homes through new services

Area of action
Well-being and care practices

Co-design, Strategic design, Business Design, Lego® Serious Play®

2018 – 2019

Future Care Homes

The project

We innovate care services for people in assisted living facilities (Care Home) by listening to their needs, to provide a constantly evolving, custom-designed care experience.

The challenge

By 2050, there are expected to be 2.1 billion people aged over 60. In the next few years, the share of the world population aged under 15 will be significantly exceeded. Global ageing creates new challenges for those who offer services in the context of the Silver Economy. How can we prepare for this phenomenon? – A natural and inevitable phenomenon that communities must learn to manage rather than suffer.

The strategy

Understanding the potential and limits of the care experiences offered so far is the indispensable premise for designing innovative care services and creating a new business model: for a sustainable, innovative nursing home that offers guests a high-quality care experience.

Future RSA Strategy
Future RSA Project Storyboard

The process

In the initial strategic workshop, all the professionals who accompany the services related to residences for the elderly were involved. We then interviewed the guests in the facility, family members and caregivers to listen to their needs. In the Desk Research phase, we selected significant case studies, also including home services and technological innovation cases. From the co-design workshop with managers and professionals in the field of care services, the fundamental characteristics of the new nursing home model emerged, which we prototyped and launched on the market.

Future RSA Process
Future RSA - Process

The impact

The new services created improve the quality of the care experience for people living in nursing homes, as well as for their families and caregivers. By listening to their needs, we have sparked quality conversations within the facilities. A sustainable business model has emerged, not only on the public and affiliated market but also on the private market, capable of intercepting new customer segments.

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