Smart Textiles as a Daily Routine

Comftech, Mediaclinics, Polytechnic Foundation, Lombardy Region, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Designing smart fabrics for the most delicate bandages

Area of action
Well-being and care practices
Technologies for social innovation

Co-design, Product Design, Strategic Design

2020 – 2022

Smart Textiles Daily Routine

The project

Social innovation also takes the form of technological evolution. The DailyST project, Smart Textiles as a Daily Routine, is dedicated to the design and production of smart textiles, the latest generation intelligent fabrics designed for the most fragile bandages, which improve the quality of life of the wearer every day.

The challenge

How to produce intelligent fabrics capable of supporting elderly patients in cognitive decline and women recovering from complex oncological operations?
How to design a smart textile able to monitor a person’s general health, the evolution of the symptoms of the disease, and thus create personalised prevention?

The strategy

We used a human-centred design approach when developing smart textiles, where we find the human being with his needs and requests at the centre.
We interviewed and listened to the people who will use the products once they are on the market to understand how textile technology can really support them in everyday life. Once their needs had been identified, we co-designed the solutions together with them, paying particular attention with respect to the environment throughout the production chain: from the choice of materials to the production processes in local companies, to the product’s consumption cycle and end-of-life cycle.

Smart Textile Daily Routine
Smart Textile Daily Routine
Smart Textile Daily Routine
Smart Textile Daily Routine

The process

We started by mapping stakeholders and analysing the needs of those who will use the final product through field research, interviews and a desk research phase.
Initial prototyping of the project idea followed in a co-design workshop carried out together with the future beneficiaries of the product.
Starting from the idea validated in the workshop, the production of the smart textile, the integrated sensors and the related software platform took place.

Smart Textile Daily Routine
Smart Textile - Process

The impact

The intelligent fabrics conceived and prototyped revolutionise the concept of smart textiles: the intelligent fabric becomes ideal as part of a daily routine, a platform in which to integrate imperceptible and almost invisible sensors. Non-invasive, it improves the quality of life of those who use it.
Through the co-design of products, we have given a voice to people experiencing complex diseases, their caregivers, industry experts and doctors.
The smart textiles produced are sustainable, reusable and completely recyclable in their textile component.

DailyST, Smart Textiles as a Daily Routine is a project promoted by the Lombardy Region within the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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